More Basic Matrix Features, simple \( 2 \times 2 \) determinant, useful property of determinants

Before we develop the Hartree-Fock equations, there is another very useful property of determinants that we will use both in connection with Hartree-Fock calculations and later shell-model calculations.

Consider the following determinant $$ \left| \begin{array}{cc} \alpha_1b_{11}+\alpha_2sb_{12}& a_{12}\\ \alpha_1b_{21}+\alpha_2b_{22}&a_{22}\end{array} \right|=\alpha_1\left|\begin{array}{cc} b_{11}& a_{12}\\ b_{21}&a_{22}\end{array} \right|+\alpha_2\left| \begin{array}{cc} b_{12}& a_{12}\\b_{22}&a_{22}\end{array} \right| $$