Hartree-Fock by varying the coefficients of a wave function expansion

We wish now to minimize the above functional. We introduce again a set of Lagrange multipliers, noting that since \( \langle i | j \rangle = \delta_{i,j} \) and \( \langle \alpha | \beta \rangle = \delta_{\alpha,\beta} \), the coefficients \( C_{i\gamma} \) obey the relation $$ \langle i | j \rangle=\delta_{i,j}=\sum_{\alpha\beta} C^*_{i\alpha}C_{i\beta}\langle \alpha | \beta \rangle= \sum_{\alpha} C^*_{i\alpha}C_{i\alpha}, $$ which allows us to define a functional to be minimized that reads $$ \begin{equation} F[\Phi^{HF}]=E[\Phi^{HF}] - \sum_{i=1}^A\epsilon_i\sum_{\alpha} C^*_{i\alpha}C_{i\alpha}. \tag{16} \end{equation} $$